April Severe T-Storms Bring More Flowers

Meteorology in STL is never half-assed.  After high winds, loud hail, more tornado threats, and thunderous storms, we have lots more natives budding out, all my garden plantings are watered, and it’s pleasantly warm and wet out, like a wetland.  I heard tree frogs yesterday.  Hopefully it will clear up and turn into a nice “summer” day for Avdi’s long trip, and K’s week here.

This morning I went through the symbolic motions of burning the chametz, setting up the Seder plate, matzah, and Pesach table, and feeding Avdi little samples so he wouldn’t feel like he missed out on the action.

Not that there will be any.  I’m afraid most of the action will be at Avdi’s end, and not necessarily of the festive kind.  He’ll be driving, herding kids, then working hard giving a presentation at a conference in Philly with J.  They’ve been preparing all week, and judging from the outbursts and expletives, it’s been…challenging!  I wish them much success.  I think I got the easy end of the job.


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