Hydroponics! Another STL First

I’ll be off to Avdi’s this morning and overnight, so I’ll get this out of the way.  Today I’m bringing half a dozen misc. plants with me to temporarily live in the spare bedroom where I sleep.  It wouldn’t be a livable habitat without plants.  Also I’m running out of room here!

Moving right along…

Exercise: 10 laps.  Ten circuits equals about a half mile, I think.  That includes two flights of stairs, up and down, so that’s a bonus benefit.

Cookery: Not there yet.  Keeping it light, because I’ll be making a chicken dinner at Avdi’s.

Socialization: Also in my immediate future.

Reading, Writing, blah blah…

I think I should add drinking more water to the list.  I keep forgetting to do that.  Done.

The Bobs sent me some wonderful birthday gifts–a little hydroponics lab to germinate plants, lots of assorted herb seeds, and a St. Louis t-shirt, my first!  Next time I’m home I’ll set up the lab and start growing some more stuff.







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