DeLorean Ride on Route 66

I realized at midnight in STL, as nearby fireworks were going off an hour late, that this was my first new year in Central Standard Time.  I had to find a recorded NYC ball-drop video from an hour earlier!  Because of course only NYC counts as true midnight!  Which is absurd, because much of the world had entered 2023 various hours ago.  Some habits of mind die slowly.  Of course I’m aware that Californians (like The Bobs) who are used to being three hours behind the east, take it in stride.  But I forgot I’m now among the back-in-timers.  Riding a DeLorean on Route 66.  So anticlimactic.

Which was fine, because I was busily watching all my new series on various borrowed streaming services.  Speaking of time travel, I can now revisit previous seasons from yesteryear of shows Avdi introduced me to, so as to get up to speed.  So I was all over the space-time continuum as it were, from period dramas set in the mid-20th c. (the stone age I was born in), to futuristic sci-fi set several centuries ahead (regressing full-circle back to the stone age, only in space).  I barely noticed when STL caught up to the rest of the world.

I’m not a resolution-maker, but if I were…I’d resolve to try to write more authentically and relevantly.  I’m barely an amateur, but I love writing and strive to do it more articulately, and to connect to others, not just talk to myself.  I realize most of the time I’m doing the latter, and if I were you, my 2.5 readers, I’d be bored to death, too!  Nevertheless, I flounder forward in my attempt to impersonate a communicator, one day perhaps even accidentally reaching and touching a fellow sentient being.  Sometimes my fanciful imagination runs away with me, I confess.  In a hypothetical narrative where resolutions are made and kept.

Anyway, happy 2023, whenever yours began.



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