A Rabbi and a Rabbi Walk into a Coffee Joint…

Not a joke setup, but an actual event, wherein Avdi and I got to meet Rabbis Karen and Daniel Bogard of CRC in person yesterday!  They initiated and I set up the meeting “for coffee” and getting to know each other.  They’re the first of hopefully many connections with CRC and its commendable social justice outreach programs, which I/we hope to be a part of.  It was a very productive and worthwhile conversation. (Here’s a screenshot of R. Daniel rabbi-ing at Shabbat services, live-streamed this morning, and a previous one of R. Karen with Rabbis Daniel and Randy, and a Bar Mitzvah boy.)

Later, I got to help Avdi with office and house/garden jobs.  I’m slowly learning my way around the tasks I can do for him, and how I can be most effective.

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