In Reverse and Idle

I’m still here, just reverted to my “fixture” role, since J, C, and later last night A returned home.  It appears everyone either enjoyed TG or survived it, respectively.  Before that, I cooked my last meal for K and me, Mexican-style black beans and rice, which he liked, and my drink, appropriately, was tequila and citrus sparkling water with lime.  I also wound down my cleaning spree accordingly, and returned to the basement accommodations.

Now I’m just here as per our new M-W-F schedule, occasionally cracking the metaphorical whip to help keep Avdi focused on his priorities, or performing a minor office job when needed.  In other words, in “idle”, awaiting further usefulness.  I wonder if my apartment is still there, and if my seedlings have terraformed it.  There may even be aliens.  Stay tuned for the next excruciatingly boring episode…


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