First Thanksgiving in STL

My first TG in STL was unique.  Everyone else was scattered about the country, but K. and I got to spend one of our best TGs ever at Jess’s, almost like part of the family.  I helped Jess and Eric with the cooking, while K. played vid games with the sibs.  It was a spectacular, traditional feast, with all the trimmings.  They were kind hosts, and I felt pretty thankful.


Here and there I got my cat fix, not only with Odin and Pixie, but with the neighbor cat known as “Boyfriend”, and was he ever, after I started feeding him turkey scraps.  Then I couldn’t get rid of him!  When he wasn’t climbing up me begging, he was peering in the window, demandingly.  Look at these faces.



and “Boyfriend”:

I felt so bad for my son, exhausted, stressed, with a sick kid on top of it, and no sleep.  I feel like K. and I got the better of the deals, even with the family far away.  All I can do is hold down the fort and think of things I can do for him while he’s away.  I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done here, and barely think of my apartment at all.  K. contentedly keeps himself amused, does his chores without much reminding, and is no trouble at all.

It was a little odd, just the two of us for erev Shabbat tonight, but not bad.  Well, three, if you count Percy the Wig.  I gave K. choices of cuisine for the meal, and he chose Asian stir-fry with noodles, and seemed to really like it.





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