My First MO Election

This one’s a major first.  I voted in MO for the first time.  It was walking distance to the local elementary school.  Lots of people were there, but no lines.  Everyone was friendly, no challenges.  The ballot was manual, not electronic, another first for me in decades.  You had to fill in each space by pen on a two-sided large paper ballot, then feed it into a machine at the end.  So quaint!  But bonus–they had not one, not two, but four choices of sticker designed by local school kids!  Now that’s class!

The bonuses keep on coming.  They have these little free lending/borrowing book kiosks on the streets here, and I found a Charles Stross sci-fi novel I wanted to read!  Fitting, because I’m finishing up a series by John Scalzi, a big Stross fan.

While I’m at it, I wanted to order a Mezuzah for my door, but don’t have much spare discretionary spending money.  It turned out I had a credit on Etsy I had forgotten all about, which covered a cheap Mezuzah case, with change left over!  And my son happens to have a spare scroll for it.  How auspicious is that?

So really, I have very little to complain about.  Obtaining and affording groceries is a bit of a challenge without a car or much income, and depending upon the charity of rides.  I definitely can’t afford all the costs of delivery.  But since when does a good challenge stop me?  I applied for a public transit senior discount, so hopefully I can learn to navigate the bus system.  It’s about time I joined much of the human race.

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