Shaggy Old ‘Possum Sighting

Sorry I didn’t get a photo of the ginormous shaggy old possum who shuffled across the yard early one morning recently; I was too busy gaping in surprise.  It was one of the first actual wild animals I’ve seen here.  One of the dozen or so ‘hood cats was sitting there lounging under a tree, and it jumped! but then just settled back down unconcerned.  The possum was larger than the cat, and merely ignored it.

Since I neglected to do my photographic job, instead here is The Countess Misu basking on the settee.

I did get some nice domestic pictures of flowers, both native and not, around the house.  The native chokeberry bush is just starting to bloom white.

It being “post-frost-danger”, naturally it’s been freezing the last couple of nights, so I’m holding back on planting,  keeping my latest acquisitions protected until it’s safe, whenever that is.



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