Olympian Charoset Wins Again

I’m thankful for getting to see my son and grandson during their brief overnight visit.  I got to take a walk around the block with my son at sundown and catch up, much overdue and worth the wait.  I always appreciate his nonconventional but wise observations.  And we talk gardening shop now, a bonus!

Later, I spent some quality time talking with my 13-year-old grandson, which I enjoy more each time.  He’s extremely intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful.  We seem to understand each other (except for the high-tech stuff), despite the vast age gap.  I believe it’s partly because he’s the grandchild I bonded with before, during, and after his birthing.  We have some weird quirks in common.

My son and grandson obligingly proclaimed my charoset to be divinely supremely superb, or some such superlatives.  I did not put words in their mouths, just charoset!  Eat that, you know who you are, Robert!  Game on.  (This is how I can tell if you read this.)

Today I prepared for my very abridged version of a seder.  Here are a homegrown bouquet including the first tulips, my traditional matzah ball soup from scratch, and the seder plate and table.

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