Buzzard-Spotting, or…BuzzKill!

Imagine me not posting mundane trivia for a week!  How did you 2.5 readers ever survive?  All I have to make up for it is even more tedium.  But lest I forget how to even write, here goes.

As I’ve mentioned, this small boring yard in midwest suburbia is like a blank slate, aside from all the exotic invasive trees and bushes, which I can’t do much about beyond thinning them out.  It’s a different kind of challenge.

But–I made my first real live plant contact, through a local online natives group, and we met her and traded boxloads of daylilies that came with the house for some native/perennial seeds which she had collected and dried.  I’m in the process of sowing them in the beds around the house, where hopefully they will germinate next year.  It’s not ambitious, but it’s a start.

Meanwhile, I’ll be on the lookout for inexpensive native trees and bushes to start surrounding the yard with a green screen and provide basic habitat.  Even if it’s just some rooted saplings dug up by a local landscape contractor, I’ll do whatever I can for cheap.   At least it won’t take a whole forest to make a dent in this place.

My evil bird-luring plan is working.  There isn’t a lot of wildlife here (that I know of), as they have few incentives to feel safe and secure in this environment, so attracting birds using seed in a sheltered area is progress.

Interestingly, we keep noticing groups of huge buzzards hanging out and feeding in the neighborhood, and a couple of raptors or ravens circling overhead.  There may just be some roadkill around, but it’s something.  I’ll take what I can get.

It’s been raining hard for days, after finally turning fall-like.  This photo is self-explanatory.  Not much here, but lots of potential.



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