Grasslands, Groves, and Pond Life

Yesterday we returned to Charleston Falls and took a different loop to the pond.  We spotted three deer, a kingfisher swooping for fish, and this other large creature, who was kind enough to pose for me.  Of course I’ve included the famous cave, and some of the unique habitats and wildflowers of early fall.

I may have to curtail some photography for a while, as my old laptop is dying and malfunctioning.  It’s very difficult to upload my photos to my posts.  It’s frustrating, as this is one of my few “creative” outlets.  I’ll limp along with it as long as I can, until I can afford a new computer.  Other business, such as trying to get on Medicaid so I can afford urgent dental work, will have to come first.

To the 2.5 or so people who follow me, thanks for your patience!  I know how boring this “blahg” can be, as it’s mostly just a chronicle of my personal day-to-day journey to help me keep track of myself.  Somebody’s got to!  If you’re gracious enough to join me on the trail every now and then, I appreciate your company.

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