More Reunions, and Furniture Adventures

Today we had a very pleasant reunion with our friends Ron and Steve.  Ron used to own the Bird Cage consignment shop in Fairborn, and is selling off his stock.  We were happy to take some furniture off his hands, but mostly to see him again.  We had already run into Steve at Kroger, where he is a manager.  It was good to catch up with our old friends, including Toto the dog.  Now Misu has a nice table for her sunroom, and E has somewhere to put her globe.  There are wooden shelf units, a lamp, some crystal stemware, etc. strewn about the house for now.

When we got home, part one of the wayward furniture shipment had finally arrived, after circling the country, possibly on a NJ garbage barge from the looks of it.  Somewhat the worse for wear, it was bashed up and had parts missing.  Very frustrating.  E tried to call the company, but it turns out they’re religious Jersey Jews and were closed for the holiday…convenient.  Right now the living room looks like it had an IKEA attack, complete with appropriate cussing!

Meanwhile, our driveway is filled with roofing materials to replace the leaky roof.  Of course it proceeded to rain for days right when they were scheduled to begin, so that job is delayed.  Happily, we don’t have to pay for any of it!  Yay, leasing!  One of these days we’ll get it all sorted out.

Here are festive flowers and a festive German festbier by one of the many local breweries.  Last but not least, here is a birthday cake for E by yours truly.  It actually looks like one, and hopefully tastes like one.


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