Closing In On Closing Out

Today we had the buyers’ appraisal of the house.  The guy was an efficient measuring machine!  Everything appeared to be in order and went smoothly.  One step closer to closing!

Also today it finally dried up long enough between deluges to mow, perhaps for the last time.  After this we’ve paid our good neighbor to mow until closing.

We’re seriously in countdown mode.  Sunday our internet goes offline.  There will be radio silence until we offload in Ohio.  That is, if the rental truck comes through.  It seems a reservation made months ahead doesn’t necessarily guarantee the actual vehicle these days.  But I’m hoping for the best.

After several inches of rain in just the last few days, the flowers are really bursting back to life, and some hectic pollination is going on.  Almost every one of these had at least one visitor, sometimes two competing.



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