I finished planting the veg annex with tomato and pepper plants.  I just need to find space in the main veg bed for the few eggplants that made it.  Then hope the [email protected]#$ rabbits don’t eat it all.

The other morning I looked out and saw Skunkbunny and all his wild cousins hiphopping around like they own the place.  They just lounge around and look at me.

I’m also apparently the local feral cat lady–they all know where the food is!  Only they don’t seem to eat large rabbits, or even deter them.  What good are they?

The price I pay for attracting wildlife!  I just hope somebody will eat all these piles of cicada corpses.  They’re basically harmless, but it’s like a mass grave out there.  At least they contribute lots of nitrogen to the soil!

Here are some of the latest colorful bloomers, representing natives, tropicals, flowering shrubs and trees, perennials, and whatever else came back.  Since we’re leaving the state this year, I’m no longer on my mission to replace everything with natives, but I can still enjoy what’s here.  I’d say I accomplished a lot, considering the “before” picture.  I turned a boring barren lot into a variety of gardens surrounded by native trees, and a semi-native meadow of wildflowers, grasses, and trees, where wildlife could find food, water, and shelter.  What happens after us is not my problem, but I hope the new owners will appreciate the potential.

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