Spring Prime

New business first.  I’m happy that my son will probably be able to visit us in May, after we’ve all had the second dose!  We have a lot of in-person catching up to do, and beer to drink!  I can’t wait to see him again.

Next, this huge rabbit showed up in our yard, and seems to like hanging out here.  I call it a skunk-bunny; at first I did a double take, thinking it was a strange-looking skunk!  It has plenty of food, water, and shelter out there, but I’m hoping the owner will respond to my sighting report and collect it.  Meanwhile, actual rabbits have been doing their spring fertility rites right outside my window.

It’s now azalea season, and the first poppies are starting to bloom.  Fern fronds are unfurling.  The columbines are about to go crazy.  Tulips and others continue to open.  We’re seriously into spring primetime.





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