Ice Stalactites

It’s unnatural!  The big snowstorm on xmas eve was weird enough down south, but last night it got down to like 11°.  Everything remained frozen, with long icicles hanging from things.  These photos were after the sun finally came out and brought temps up into the 20s!  At least we got to keep our power so far, unlike many people in the area.  And just last week it reached almost 60°, and may do so again this week.  If this isn’t climate change, I don’t know what is.  Still, it’s even prettier for being so unusual and rare.

Less pretty and rare are the snowballing COVID cases overwhelming hospitals and medical staffers all over the country, especially here in TN.  Most of us now know someone who is sick or worse, or suffering extreme deprivation caused by the effects of this crisis.  I know the isolation this time of year is hard on people, but please continue to quarantine and take precautions and stay home.  It’s vital for all of our survival and wellbeing, so we can live to enjoy a better new year with loved ones.




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