Menorah Lighting, COVID-Style

Last night’s candle-lighting was special in that we had a Zoom (remote video) Menorah lighting with Avdi and friend in St. Louis and D. in Mville.  Just another sign of the COVID times, but not half bad–other than my horrible singing of the blessings!  We’re all improvising during these unusual times–Avdi had to locate a Menorah first, and use birthday candles in lieu of Chanukah ones.  My ancient stockpile of the latter is finally running down, so I’ll have to do a search online for next year’s.  D. had her Menorah and potatoes for latkes.  It’s the closest we’ve come to a fun family occasion in a year.

Hopefully now with vaccines for 2021, conditions will start to edge toward “normal”.  Meanwhile, we make do with what we’ve got on hand, another lesson from the pandemic.

Today’s meal was back to Sephardic-style, with couscous, felafel, baked fish (Cajun, close enough), and fresh-from-the-garden steamed baby carrots and kohlrabi.

Here are: last night’s five lights, and tonight’s setup.



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