Thanksgiving 2020: Staying Alive

Today E was a baking machine in the kitchen.  She made a pumpkin pie and a cherry pie with homemade crusts, biscuits, and challot for Friday.  That’s in addition to some main and side dishes.  Tomorrow I’ll roast a turkey, and prepare several side dishes.

It’s just us here, staying home and safe, for which I’m thankful.  I’m also thankful we can afford basic food, which will last us many meals.  I hope the rest of my family near and far stay safe and healthy, so we can all meet again after vaccines become available.

While E was slaving in the kitchen, I was doing same out in the “prairie”, hauling off huge piles of “tumbleweed”, and mulching trees.  It’s starting to look more like its intended purpose.  While out there, I took these.

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