Actual Hope, and Breathing

Breathe in!  Breathe out!  I almost forgot how.

Election week finally climaxed, and we have a winner!!  Trump is fired and Biden/Harris can now get down to the work of restoring some sanity and recovery, and membership in the world.

The dominant emotion is sheer relief.  Some actual hope may even be in play.  I can live another day.  We drink to it!  L’chaim, to life.

Just to catch up, here’s what you missed from the Week That Wasn’t…

Shabbat, and Misu waiting…and waiting…for her vote to be counted.

More plants came indoors, and more flowers, leaves, and berries flaunted their colors outdoors.  Misu waiting some more.


Most importantly, our victory celebration.  Cheers!  To a COVID-free future.  And all the other things.


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