Rain Bucket List

All these buckets of water pouring down today made me think of bucket lists, and how the pandemic has changed that concept for many of us.

In our case, we didn’t have much of a bucket list to begin with, being on a low fixed income.  It consisted of maybe visiting E’s “homeland” once a year, and possibly later on, taking a cross-country road trip to many of the places E has never seen, which is most of the country.  Obviously all that is on indefinite hold.

Whereas I know others’ bucket lists feature all kinds of exotic world destinations and experiences that we can only imagine vicariously via media.  I’m guessing many of those plans are now on hold as well.  I also suspect those are some of the same people who are taking risks seeking more local nonessential venues to fill that empty place during the pandemic.

I guess I was fortunate (or privileged) to have experienced many places and opportunities during my younger years,  never guessing the strange twists life would take.  I made some poor choices, but at least I had my chance to make them.  Some people never even have those options.  Now later in life, I’m starting to experience what limited options looks like.  Options are a privilege and even luxury to much of the world.

But I’m mostly fine with it.  This quarantine has totally readjusted and lowered expectations.  I’m sad that I have no way of knowing when I’ll next see my son and family, if ever.  We worked so long and hard to get here to be near them, only to have life happen.  So it goes.  On the other hand, I’m learning to be content with very simple things, such as that most basic of needs, not being dead yet!  It’s not a far-fetched possibility, especially these days.

That’s why my posts are mostly boring, tedious accounts of gardening and other homely pursuits.  I’m being realistic.  I had my chance to change the world, and didn’t.  So I’m doing the only thing I know to do right now: 1.) keep going, and 2.) try to improve our infinitesimal fraction of the environment while I’m here.  Buckets of rain water the garden, which helps keep me and other critters alive and functional.  That’s more than millions of us in the ‘rona world can say.

Here is a wonderful homegrown sourdough dutch oven bread by E, and a little wren sheltering on the back porch in the rain.



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