You Make the Best of What’s Still Around [Sting]

Here is yesterday evening’s sunset.  (You had to have been there, but I do my best with less-than-stellar tools.)

I’m feeling a little under the weather today, so conserving energy for helping with the Gkids tomorrow.  They got delivered and left to my son to entertain, while the others drove off to facilitate the PA move, the latest chapter in the gypsy saga.  Ironically, the same part of PA they moved away from.  Again, this latest move planned right in the middle of a school year, in winter, just as the kids were getting used to FL.  I’ll just leave it there.  It’s complicated.

On the more positive side, I got connected with all the native wildflower orgs in the area, so I can access their wealth of resources on creating wildlife-friendly native habitats out of an empty field.  You have to start somewhere, however modest and on-the-cheap.  At least there is plenty of blank canvas on which to experiment, and not too many exotic invasives to rip out.



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