Baked P.2

As foretold, here is the mother of all challot, with cranberries, and some excellent fry bread, by E.  And some very, um, “special” attempts at prune and apricot hamantaschen, by YT.



Lest you think it sounds idyllic here, now the white trash neighbors from hell have added an air rifle to their arsenal, and are outside with their little kids, shooting up the yard, with no regard for neighbors and dogs nearby.  This is too close to home on several levels.

In the case of my son when he was little, the shooters were spoiled 12-year-olds whose parents were prominent Repubs, so they got a slap on the wrist, while my son had lengthy surgery and almost died, and has deafness and other issues to this day.

In this case, it’s so-called grownups with kids, taking no precautions, thinking it’s clever to shoot up the neighborhood.  We’re hesitant to go out in our own yard anymore.  All we can do is look forward to being out of here.



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