Getting Baked

Today is baking day here at The Almanac.  E will be making her famous challah, and some other mystery items TBA.  I’ll be making hamantaschen in anticipation of Purim, which starts Saturday night, which also happens to be when daylight savings time begins.  It must be auspicious.

I already posted a Purim-themed post, so I’ll just reiterate my hope that an Esther will rise up to sabotage the evil empire.  Anyone know any appropriate Kabbalistic spells?

I’ll post the breaking baking news as it emerges, later today.

Lately I’m feeling like a caged wildcat, waiting to spring out of here to relative freedom.  We’re just starting talks with our realtor to set up our first expedition in early summer.  Wish us luck!

Right now I’m also worried about very real threats from this evil regime to our basic needs.  I can no longer afford most healthcare, and E is worried about hers, going forward.  Our already decreased combined income may take further hits under this admin.  And of course our civil rights are even less assured now.

This insanity is going to cost our country so much in every sense and on every level, and take a long time to recover from.  It’s still hard for me to comprehend this level of stupidity and corruption being acceptable to anyone.  Dems could never get away with a fraction of this murder.  I can’t even watch or read the news anymore, it’s so offensive, frightening, and surreal.

What scares me most is, average people around here, who represent typical uneducated blue-collar whites across middle America, see nothing amiss with the travesty in the WH.  They believe every word of the propaganda aimed at them, and have no interest in facts.  That was the scheme, and it worked.

Anyway, I’m not stating anything new or productive, so I now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming.  Here are some more local springy lifeforms, again thanks to local wildflower, wildlife, and herping groups.

Bloodroot, White Trout Lily, Crocus, and Spring Beauty:

A young Red-shouldered Hawk, a Spotted Salamander, a Slimy Salamander, and a male Fairy Shrimp in a vernal pool:











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