Cheap Entertainment

As we often do for a diversion on a blustery, rainy day like yesterday, involving some exercise but little spending, we explored acres of ancient antiques.  Here are some of the more unusual sights.

Note the archaic artifact known as a “telephone booth”—remember those?  And a slightly older version.


Here are primitive record players.  Also some well-used clarinets, and large old film reels.

Ornate old cash registers.

Some creepy dead people and a “cowboy bathtub” (?!)

At last, an adequate booze glass, and a large enough cauldron to cook me in!

A hi-tech robot, and some classic 3D art.

Snowshoes, and more snowshoes…

An exquisite blue enameled wood stove.  Some pretty green glass insulators.

Some unnatural bears.  Don’t shoot the messenger.

Old RR lanterns, and even older ornate Japanese lanterns.  Also these lovely painted glass lamps, and an artfully-tooled metal branched candelabra.

Some really cool old door and cabinet hardware.  I can’t get enough of this stuff!  People used to be so creative.

For the kids, these Victorian(?) nursery rides.

Old model ships and boats.  One is from the famous Old Bookbinder’s Restaurant in Philadelphia, which our family used to visit.

Colorful vintage wooden spools of thread or yarn for a spinning wheel.

Gorgeous stained glass lamps and and lighting.

Lots and lots of beautiful sparkly vintage glass, crystal, and china.

It’s both sad and inspiring to explore the amazing skills, ingenuity, and resourcefulness of bygone eras, and how much artistry and pride they infused into everything.  It makes us want to integrate some of these ideas and craft into our future humble abode.  It keeps us dreaming.











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