Musings of an Official Oldster

So yesterday I officially turned old, as defined by SSA/Medicare, i.e., even poorer.  As threatened, they started deducting more $$ out of my meager income to pay for Medicare, so effectively we have even less to live on.  But it’s all good.  We’re still alive, and I had a very fun birthday.

We went to our Equitas meeting as usual on the third Wednesday of the month, which happened to fall on my birthday.  Apparently most of the board didn’t get the memo (there wasn’t one) so our little core group, now all good friends, adjourned to Rex’s house.  We had a gay old time. So to speak.  I can’t tell you all the substances involved, but suffice it to say, hilarity and Deep Conversations ensued.  I got to drink scotch and play with kitties, and my son called, so my life was complete.  We’re fortunate to have such good friends.

I have to say, being a part of the LGBT(XYZ) community has been very, um, educational!  Also generally more relaxed than with their straight counterparts.  There are many health-related issues here, but it’s been illuminating and valuable for us to feel like part of the solution.  In many ways this group is part of a pioneering vanguard here in this troubled area.  Maybe one day, in a far,far future, it won’t be so hard for marginalized people to access basic healthcare and civil rights just like other citizens.

Here are photos through the window of the medical building where Equitas Health is located, the historical Dayton Carillon belltower against the sky, and the Miami River.


Here are views from Rex’s plant room, and the ever-playful kitty.

And, of course, your obligatory seedling babies, making progress.

Just an aside–it seems pretty ironic and a sad commentary that the best news we can hope for each day is the continuing trump implosion and self-destruction.  What a disaster our process has become.  We celebrate every defeat and failure, bringing us hopefully closer to trump’s demise.  One can only wonder what history will say about this shameful reversal of progress in our country.

I leave you with what these wild animals think of trump.  Oh wait, they’re critically endangered or recently extinct, and can’t voice their opinion.




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