Kitchen of the Mysteries

While mysterious noises and smells are emanating from the kitchen, I’m banished to the nether regions, where I’ve been being decorative.  The Skullies are pretending not to be eyeing the See’s heart box…which “somebodies” may have unsealed last night, erev V-day.

My seedlings of course have been busily growing.  Pretty soon they’ll be a salad.

Happy Erev B-day to meif I do say so myself.  If it is happy.  I’ll be officially an old person.  Officially destitute but still here, still going on.  “Gaiety.  Song-and-dance.  Here we go round the mulberry bush…Bon-hommy,” went on  Eeyore gloomily…”I’m not complaining, but There It Is.”    Eeyore

(from A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh)


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