Putting Off Procrastination

Can a double negative equal a positive?  Let’s find out.

My guilty secret is: I’m a procrastinator of anxiety-inducing annoying tasks.  The only solution is to make myself do something on my put-off list each day.  I do not make resolutions as a rule, but I’m making an exception for this potentially anxiety-causing new year of 2017.

In anticipation of moving to our new life in TN this year, I’m going to work on chipping away at the chief culprits on my baddie list, whether bad habits, behaviors, or attitudes.

  1. Exercise on the Infernal Machine (elliptical) at least one minute each day, in lieu of hiking, which just isn’t happening while hibernating.
  2. Work at sorting and reducing all my paper files throughout the winter.  (I’m an old-school paper trail hoarder.)
  3. Exercise snacking self-control.  We only eat one meal a day (midday) and mostly healthy, balanced food, but we’re obliged by circumstances to be sedentary right now.  I blame Netflix.
  4. Reduce FB/social media time, and focus on writing and reading, which have suffered as a result of aforesaid mindless FB indulgence.
  5. Attempt to post more constructive, proactive articles and items, and less paranoid hysteria, online.  Thus this post!
  6. This one’s more philosophical: try to restrict my judgmental intolerance to people who deserve it, like DJT & Co.  It’s hard to break ingrained mental habits.  (If thoughts could kill…I didn’t say that.)

All the above only works if I be realistic and just bite off tiny portions of each task daily.  Otherwise it will just revert to my Procrastination List.  Thus, I did my (literal) one minute on the torture device, organized and consolidated a few files, wrote this post, did some research on a practical topic (chicken-raising), tried not to repost negative articles or comments, and I’ll let you know how the snacking goes.  The evening is young.

As for the evil DJT, the best I can do right now is to ignore him, and focus on improving myself and being part of the solution to those I care about.



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