Mountain ‘Shine P.1

I was introduced to some real moonshine while hanging out with my TN family.  And lots of other refreshments.  A festive time was had.  The following are some random shots I captured during our four days in the mountains.  I’ll publish this in several posts.  Here is day one.

Just after dawn we entered TN, always a pleasant moment.  We stopped at our favorite country restaurant to get a real Southern breakfast.  Then on to Maryville, Southland Books to meet old and new friends, and our HQ, the Luxbury, with the cool crystal chandelier.  We were exhausted, having not slept for days, it seemed.

Finally, we made our way up the mountain to see all the kids, grandkids, critters, and confections being made.  It was a relief to reunite with my son and family, and meet the newest additions to our extended family.  Here is a random sampling.  That was Day 1.  More to come, stay tuned.

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