Fending Off a Heavy Heart

I think political shock is giving way to deep depression, so what better place to fend it off than–the Fen!  It’s finally looking more seasonably stark, except for bright splashes of fall color.  It was encouraging to see that our beaver friends, rather than all being killed by hunters, are alive and building dams.  I’ve included photos of a large, perfect dam which is causing the whole wetlands to become wetter.  Some parts of the boardwalk are actually under water.

It’s easy to feel overloaded with despair and loss right now, but I see glimmers of hope here and there.  Private citizen groups are forming online, behind the scenes, to encourage each other and pledge safe spaces for vulnerable communities in red areas.  We just want to stay under the radar in a safe, secure, private place in our future TN home, along with many others.  We’re encouraged by the warm gestures of welcome and support people of all backgrounds are expressing to us and others.

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