Dr. Tao

I don’t know how I got so lucky.  When I could finally get health coverage through Medicaid, after years without any, I found the best lady doctor in the world.  Dr. Olsen will sit down with you and, with infinite patience, take the time to find out how you are really doing, and make sure your concerns are addressed.  She’s like this with all her patients.  It’s incredible.  She’s also trans-friendly and informed, which helps a lot.

I asked her point-blank, how does she stay so calm?  She laughed and said everyone asks her that.  She credits her now-28-year-old son for her inspiration.  He was seriously into zen meditation and philosophy, and turned her on to it.  It’s all about control, she says—admitting you can’t be in control of everything, whether it’s world politics, or personal issues, letting go of whatever you can’t control, but becoming an activist in whatever causes you can, even in small ways.  In her case, getting out going door-to-door for the progressive candidate.  She reminded me of the book, Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu, which is her go-to source for clearing the head and letting go of stressing over circumstances beyond your control.  This is the kind of conversation I can have with my Medicaid-covered doctor, while having my annual body-cavity-search!  So different from my past experiences.

It also conveniently worked out that I was fasting, it being Yom Kippur, and could get my blood-work done!  Plus the fact that the our joint visits took most of the day, all-told, which kept me away from food!  And now we’re off to our Equitas meeting, further delaying food, unless they have some, in which case I’ll have to exercise my zen.  At least it’s more zen-like for me than a full day of torture in synagogue, thinking about food.  Yes, I’d rather have a medical cavity search and go to a gay healthcare committee meeting than endure the ordeal of religious calisthenics, go figure.  But then, isn’t health always the proverbial exemption?   😉

I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone, but it’s how I honestly feel.


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