Italian Birthday

Did I say I outdid myself before?  I lied.  This time I nailed it–the quintessential Italian dinner, from antipasto to gelato, plus, oh yeah, a birthday cake that actually looks and tastes like one!  I’m too caked out to describe it all, so just trust us, it was good!  OK, so I am a foodie.  Here are some festive scenes.  Also, thank you to [you know who you are] for all the very kind birthday greetings to E.  She was overcome with gratitude for her adopted family, the only real one she has.

picture0922161224_7 picture0922161224_6 picture0922161224_4 picture0922161224_3 picture0922161224_2 picture0922161538_6 picture0922161538_1 picture0922161604_1

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