Erev Birthday at HQ

Yesterday evening, after a very nice Equitas meeting where they thoughtfully surprised E with a big birthday cake (which we all ate), we adjourned to HQ, the Tavern at YS, where we sat drinking craft beers and Irish coffee, ate fries, and played the jukebox.  There’s a ghost at the tavern who apparently likes to come out this time of year and start playing around with the jukebox and turning the pages.  Spooky.

Then we wandered around back alleys in the dark.  Some artists were painting beautiful scenes on the buildings, and they let me take some photos.  YS is sparkly and mysterious at night at the fall equinox.

picture0921162050_7 picture0921162050_8 picture0921162050_6 picture0921162050_5 picture0921162050_4 picture0921162050_3 picture0921162050_2 picture0921162052_2 picture0921162053_4 picture0921162052_3 picture0921162052_1 picture0921162053_1 picture0921162052_7 picture0921162053_3 picture0921162052_8 picture0921162052_5

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