Harvest Here at the Almanac

Our garden is still putting out.  The eggplants finally decided to get around to doing something!  So exciting!  The assorted heirloom peppers are ripening daily.  We’re still getting all kinds of Italian/heirloom  tomatoes.  And the flowers speak for themselves.

I should mention, the heirloom corn did produce many ears, but they were less than impressive, except to the squirrels, who are eating them up!  So all is not lost.  And the many sunflower varieties have attracted many songbirds who weren’t here before, so that’s encouraging.  It’s like a bird choir out there at the “sanctuary”.  I’ve seen quite a few hummingbirds commuting between all the flowers and nectar feeders.  And lots of butterflies swarming around their favorites.  Very gratifying.  Just doing my small part in restoring some wildlife to the area.  I look forward to doing the same on a slightly larger scale in TN.

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