Weird Ohio Trivia

Here are some strange Ohio items:

In the dark of night, scrappers (guys who scavenge for scrap metal and other sellable junk) skulk silently down the street with their truck lights off and flashlights, going through everyone’s trash.  E witnessed this in the middle of the night, and even she was surprised.  It sounds like a creepy scene from Buffy, but apparently it’s a common occurrence here.

Here in the middle of vast farm country, there are very few farm markets or fruit/veg. stands anywhere.  You’d think this would be local produce heaven, but you’d be wrong.  There are acres of commercial industrial feed corn and soy as far as the eye can see, but ironically, most of the “local” tomatoes, peaches, melons, and other crops are shipped up from, wait for it, Tennessee!  Tomatoes not grown locally?!  No peach orchards?!  It boggles the mind.  The industry has put all the small farms out of business.  You can get more local produce in urban NJ, PA, MD, etc. than you can in the whole Midwest corn belt.

This poor gigantic pig was wallowing in mud in a pen in the broiling sun at one of the few farm markets around (we have to drive miles to get there, when it finally opens for the season).  We felt bad for it.  I guess they were trying to roast it alive.  A weird way to BBQ.


They do have some good sweet white corn that they actually grow at Fulton Farms, so I was outside shucking a dozen ears in the broiling heat.  You could almost just leave it out there in the sun to grill!  Just call me Farmer Zeke.  Our own cornstalks, the classic Country Gentleman and Golden Bantam, are busily silking up out back.

Needless to say, there are many Trump signs around here.  This is the heartland of angry poor uneducated white guy territory.  How much worse could it be in the south?  At least they grow their own produce in TN!  😉








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