Homey Scenes

Here’s a glimpse of our humble but colorful abode.  E baked a cherry pie today!  The Skullies are keeping an eye on it.  (They were also eying my beer.)  The salad greens are exploding; we have salads almost every day, and I’m going to start sharing with the neighbor.  Also lots of flowers!  I set up a little hummer feeder, waiting to see if it gets any action.  The birds have definitely established themselves in the “sanctuary”.

Here’s more synchronicity: we’ve been talking about the pond we hope to set up in our future yard in TN, and then lo and behold, it turns out our neighbor has some molded urethane pond liners stashed away in her garage, that she just gave us!  It’s like a miracle!  They’re just what we’ll need, and you can’t beat the price!  Stuff like that is always happening to us.

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