Demented Persons

Living in working-class Ohio, I see a lot of slow people waddling around in a fog without a clue, but this was surreal even for here.

We heard someone pounding hard on our downstairs door, like a maniac.  We ran down to discover the old lady who used to live next door for years (on the other side), who had had to be moved to her daughter’s house for supervision, banging away, not at our front door, but at the side door only used for occasional access.  It appears her kids had brought her with them to visit her old home, which is being emptied and renovated, and somehow she had “escaped” (to go smoke a cigarette, or something) and wandered off in her demented state, and thought her daughter had locked her out!  She didn’t even recognize us, her old neighbors, or the fact that she was at the wrong house.

We got her sorted and sent back over to her family who were outside trying to figure out where she had gotten to.  The whole experience would have been comical, if it weren’t so surreal and disturbing, and a little too close to home, STS.

To review: just shoot me if I get like that.  It’s just wrong.


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