Back at John Bryan

Yesterday (Monday) we hiked about 4 miles of John Bryan.  I got to see other wildflowers that I hadn’t seen yet elsewhere.  My favorite, although my cell cam couldn’t really capture it, were the wild red and yellow columbines growing out of the rock formations.  There are fascinating whole habitats of assorted natives growing in all the rocks and boulders.  Plenty of lovely pale wild woodland geraniums, and my favorite, Virginia bluebells, were in masses all over the hillsides.  I got to see jack-in-the-pulpits, and there were pink trilliums!  OK, so they’re all my favorite.  Of course  blue, pink, lavender, and purple shades of wild phlox were everywhere, but since they’re ubiquitous, I didn’t add more photos here.  Geese were cruising the stream.  It was a flower wonderland.  It was almost like Hobbiton in the Shire.  A clever segue to our LotR marathon, which began later that evening.

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