L42’s Midwestern Almanac

When the mind’s a blank, which mine often is, there’s always the weather, right?

Lest we get complacent, temps are back down to nature’s default setting of 42, with lows expected in the 20s!  Cleverly, I resisted the temptation to plant non-hardy plants outside.  This time of year is so frustrating.  Hurry up and wait.

Yep, I’ve been in Ohio too long.  Mundane clichés and stating the obvious, it’s  the midwestern way.  It’s like being in “Groundhog Day”, only one state west, same difference.  Polkas in the background.  Amiright?  One day I’ll get it right, and wake up, and it will finally be spring.

OK, that’s my daily writing assignment, with random springlike illustrations.

Picture0316161637_8 Picture0316161634_7 Picture0316161628_7 Picture0312161637_3 Picture0312161631_6 Picture0312161633_6




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