Back to Nature

F@#$ the backache etc.  It was 73, gorgeous, and I did gardening, so there!  I planted some hardened off flower bulbs and perennial herbs outside, making more windowsill room.  The windows are wide open, with a nice breeze  and Steely Dan on the stereo.  Yes, we’re old farts like that.

While digging, a whole beautiful family of garter snakes came out from under some pots out back, where they had a nice warm home.  As soon as they realized I was their friend, we had a nice time looking at each other, and they politely posed for some photos.  I think they appreciated the new herb garden I planted for them.  After a while, they slithered off to check out the rest of the garden, then came back to hang out.  So exciting to be surrounded by any wildlife, after all the hibernation.

Here are my new snakey friends, being photogenic.

Picture0309161422_6 Picture0309161422_5 Picture0309161422_4 Picture0309161422_2 Picture0309161422_1



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