nature flukes

i forgot to mention some odd natural encounters from our trip.

the first was seeing all the flowers in bloom up on the mountain in december–roses, quince, etc.  that was…different.  i’m used to quinces just starting to bud out in early spring, and roses later.  these were in full bloom. there were many plants greening up instead of going dormant.

next, same location one evening, i heard lots of tree frogs or peepers calling out across the valley, i suppose because it was so warm.  i’ve never encountered that before this time of year.

on the drive home, there was a big tree loaded with huge buzzards or turkey vultures, each one on its own branch, all with their large wings outstretched (i guess to thermoregulate and dry off), just sitting there motionless like tree ornaments.  that was very strange.  i’ve never seen such a thing before.

i’m sure there are many other weird nature anomalies happening, some due to climate change.

Picture1224152126_6 Picture1224152126_5

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