happy hanukkah

getting festive around here.  happy hanukkah, y’all.

i made indian latkes from scratch with fresh-ground spices,  mediterranean veggies with fresh greek oregano, apples and pears in a sweet cardamom sauce, and yogurt with fresh cilantro and mint.

then we made a quick trip to the fen, but must have just missed our beaver.  still, some nice sunset shots.

then we lit the candles and played dreidel.  note:  no dreidel rules ever make any sense.  so we invented the ultimate dreidel drinking game.  it was fun.  here are the rules, if you dare:

nun= 🙁  no one drinks.

gimel= all drink.

hey= all toast “HEY” and drink.

shin= other person drinks yours, you pass.  in a group: everyone drinks but you.

take it from me–these rules RULE.  try it some time.  sippy-cups are allowed.

i’ll post these photos, and later the others (there’s some kind of lag between editing my iPhotos and getting WP to upload the edits).  stay tuned…

Picture1206151127_2 Picture1206151549_7

Picture1206151549_3 Picture1206151549_1Picture1206151549_2Picture1206151549_4






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