up close and personal beaver

it was amazing!  what were the chances?  around 4 pm we got to the place where the boardwalk at the fen crosses that  channel where we had the beaver sighting last time, and there was the same huge beaver, just sitting there, watching us!  i mean humongous, and fearless.  then, just as before, it calmly glided under us and out to the main stream, where it just hung out in the water.  the whole time i was standing practically on top of him, taking photos, didn’t phase him a bit.  at that same moment, a (deer) hunter happened by, and we all watched the beaver and exchanged info about hunting and park wildlife.  he was very pleasant.  it was freezing (at least for us hibernators) but well worth it.  check out my close-ups!

Picture1203151648_2 Picture1203151648_1 Picture1203151648_3 Picture1203151648_5 Picture1203151648_4 Picture1203151648_6 Picture1203151646_3 Picture1203151646_1 Picture1203151646_8 Picture1203151646_7 Picture1203151646_6 Picture1203151646_5 Picture1203151646_4

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