fen in fall revisited 1

we gave the fen some time to transition, and returned to find as usual a whole new fen in deep fall.  the contrasts of fading summer, onset of late fall, and all the colors of change in between, seem to be most dramatic and mystical at siebenthaler fen wetlands.  it’s just starting to take on that eery graveyard look it gets, while other plant life is suddenly taking on a last spurt of new life.  if you’re alert, you’ll spot my one tree that i’ve photographed in every season there, a kind of marker for comparison.  the two guys in camo waders (see next post) were probably working on maintenance of the boardwalk, much of which is done by volunteers.  i love the the way the cattails and dead trees silhouette against the big sky this time of year.  there were still big frogs jumping around in the deep green water plants in the deeper water on this very warm evening in fall.  i’ll do this in two posts, so please see the next one.

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