state of stupidity

here’s how ohio conservatives think they can trick us ‘stupid’ people on the ballot.

one issue is an anti-monopoly amendment.  sounds great, right?  i’d be tempted to vote for it.

the issue right after it is for legalization of marijuana.  only it’s disguised deep inside an amendment to grant an exclusive monopoly for commercial production and sale of marijuana for any purpose, so you’d think monopoly=bad, right?

so you’d vote yes on the anti-monopoly issue, thereby canceling out the marijuana monopoly and thus its legalization, even if you voted for it.  trouble is, many people here ARE that stupid, which is what repubs apparently count on.

plus, it’s very hard to obtain non-partisan candidate and issue info around here, and believe me i’ve tried.  but we will not be deterred.

that’s my pre-election rant.  hopefully they don’t come up with an excuse to keep us from voting altogether.  that would be the final straw.  i don’t have a lot of confidence in this state of stupidity, after all the other discrimination and ignorance.  wish us luck.


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