set back

it seems appropriate on ‘fall back’ day, when we ‘set back’ time (grumble cuss..), to comment on setbacks, of which there have been so many since the last time i mentioned them, that it almost seems like the normal way of things.  some folks wake up to an alarm, or coffee; we awake to ‘what calamity will befall us today?’  the theory that there’s a limit to how many catastrophic events can befall one in a short time period has long ago fallen by the wayside.  we’re almost getting philosophical about it.  but not quite.  i won’t even go into the latest set of setbacks.  i don’t want to lose the readership of the 1.2 people i may still retain.  so, i’ll just say, we still have a roof (for now) and hiking is still free.  which we shall now go do, on this perfect fall day, with that farcical ‘extra hour’ to do it in.  woohoo.  wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey!

here’s a picture of something.  0606022117

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