extreme rocks

i haven’t posted in a couple of days, partly because i was so exhausted from our latest hike, and partly due to the countless number of photos to choose from.

did i use the words ‘rugged’ or ‘massive’ to describe previous hikes?  i lied.  THIS latest new park for us, old man’s cave and hocking hills state park, makes all those others look like a stroll in the playground.  at some point i just stopped photographing and started holding on for dear life (also i was running out of charge, having taken so many shots).  we  scaled really rugged, massive, nearly vertical, ancient rock formations, with sketchy footing and some roots to cling onto.  there were incredible naturally formed caves that dwarfed us.  there were miles of huge old hemlock forests that just seemed to go on forever, overlooking the sheer drop.  there were falls and a vast, gorgeous lake with many species of large fish.

i can’t even begin to describe or illustrate this place, which we only scratched the surface of,  trekking for miles and hours.  we met lots of friendly people from all over the world, speaking many languages.  there was even a wedding being held down on the rocks by a pool of water.  i shall attempt to do it justice in several sets of photos.

here is phase one, the forest overlooking the caves.


Picture1011150934_1 Picture1011150934_3 Picture1011150934_7 Picture1011150932_7 Picture1011150930_8 Picture1011150930_5 Picture1011150926_5 Picture1011150924_7

Picture1011150934_5 Picture1011150930_6 Picture1011150928_3






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