apparently there’s no limit to the magnitude of setbacks you can experience at a time, when you’re poor, marginalized, and screwed by everyone due to just being born.  that’s what i’m learning here in ohio, and it’s quite an education into just how stupid, corrupt, and non-compassionate people can be toward powerless victims of our system.

now, it turns out,  E. can’t even continue to buy, or sell, or refinance her car, or get the title in the end to show for her reliable payment history, because other people’s ignorant behavior has sabotaged her otherwise good credit history, and no one will step up to work with her.  so everything she tries to accomplish in good faith gets tangled up in catch-22s.  instead of hard work and responsibility being rewarded, it’s penalized.  something illegal is probably happening, but with no pro-bono legal aid available in this area, or money to buy a lawyer to unscramble it, you’re screwed.  no wonder marginalized people end up alone and suicidal.  and it’s not an isolated occurrence in this country.

when you grow up with advantages and privileges that you take for granted, you generally don’t see this side of reality for so many people who don’t have money, or education, or legal recourse.  you assume somehow it’s just them being ignorant or trashy due to their own negligence or laziness, whereas somehow you’re different just by virtue of being born advantaged.  this is where politics goes seriously wrong, with the whole bootstraps mentality.  there are just so many times a hardworking person can be kicked down, before they just give up.  but if you have money to begin with, you control all the strings.

anyway, we’re still here, struggling to stay hopeful and keep going, despite each new setback.  if nothing else, it’s opening my eyes, and teaching me to be more adaptable, never my strong point.  it sure beats dying of a heart attack in NJ, or retiring to my proverbial underpass.  always look on the bright side of life!



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