a first, and a second

tomorrow will be E’s first birthday that we spend together in ohio.  last year we were both still in our individual exiles.  now at least we get to be in one together!  that’s an improvement, anyway.

also coming up is our followup appointment in philadelphia, where E’s surgeries were done in june.  just a few concerns to tie up there, hopefully with a clean bill of health.  it’s been an arduous recovery, but it’s all good.  we’re looking forward to a quick stop in my old home town of sykesville, MD on the way back, to show her where i used to live.

and last but not least, a happy almost 15th (!!) to my son and daughter-I-L.  that in itself represents quite a journey and victory to celebrate.  not many people can be that determined through difficult odds.  cheers!

here are birthday flowers, and the obligatory homegrown tomatoes.


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