we’ve had quite a few firsts, but now we’re moving into ‘lasts’—possibly the last time we’ll see places like john bryan park, or the ice cream place, etc.  (or in other words, we’d better get some hiking in to justify the ice cream we’re going to eat, it possibly being ‘the last time’).

here are some ‘last’ (?) scenes of john bryan.

Picture0910151546_3 Picture0910151546_7 Picture0910151546_6 Picture0910151546_5 Picture0910151546_4 Picture0910151543_5 Picture0910151541_2 Picture0910151541_6 Picture0910151541_8 Picture0910151541_7 Picture0910151539_4 Picture0910151536_7 Picture0910151536_5

here are some farm animals at the ice cream place.

Picture0910151549_4 Picture0910151549_8 Picture0910151546_1

here is some fall produce at the farm market.

Picture0910151551_3 Picture0910151551_2 Picture0910151549_1 Picture0910151549_2

here is a historical house in yellow springs that was a stop on the underground railroad.  it’s hard to tell from the photo, but it’s a round house.



and now, back to the waiting room, while all the moving parts attempt to align.


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