having a doctor is a privilege

i just want to say that i went to my doctor today.

this is a big deal, not only because i really like my doctor (via medicaid, at a teaching hospital system), but because, having been a family caregiver, i had to give up my own job and health insurance to care for parents in NJ who had the best insurance and specialists, while i had no way to afford a doctor of my own for the most basic care.

when i moved to Ohio, i found this state to be so conservative and non-progressive that it made it impossible for me to get the Obamacare i was entitled to, though i complied with all the deadlines.  there’s something very wrong with that.

finally an O-care volunteer helped me go straight through medicaid, which i qualified for, and get decent healthcare.  now i can get a physical, my annual GYN exams, affordable prescriptions, and a great professional who actually takes the time with me.  it’s been years (7 to be exact) since i’ve had that. i worked hard to pay for this entitlement.

it shouldn’t be rocket science for poor people in this country, who paid into the system, or who would if they could, to get basic medical attention and preventive care.

so seeing a doctor is a privilege.

here is a disco chandelier, just because.




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